Curry: Just as Japanese as Ramen in Federal Way

Written by on January 12th, 2017 // Filed under Blog

Curry: The Spice of Japanese Life

Perhaps you didn’t know that curry is just as Japanese as ramen and considered more a national dish ahead of sushi or miso soup. Japan’s hot and spicy dishes with curry are thought to cool you down when you perspire and, hence, popular in the summer months. But it’s so flavorful that people don’t mind having curry dishes even when it’s chilly outside.

Curry has always been regarded as Western in origin, as Anglo-Indians of the British Empire brought the spice powder to Japanese shores after the country opened its doors to the outside world in the mid-19th century. Since then, curry has evolved to suit Japanese taste and doesn’t much resemble Indian curry anymore. It is now entirely and uniquely Japanese. At first it was considered a luxury food, being time-consuming to prepare and requiring special skills, but soon became more accessible to all social strata.

Inventive dishes start to proliferate -udon and soba noodles in curry-flavored soup and dough stuffed with curry paste, breaded and deep-fried. Then came instant curry mixes and even gourmet curry which boosted the curry popularity more. Once unsuited for kids, there came out the milder and sweeter curry for children. Now, even ready-to-eat curry dishes are everywhere. Not needing refrigeration, the bags or pouches are just heated and you have an instant meal.

Did you know that Emperor Akihito enjoyed the spicy dish? And that it was a Japanese astronaut who introduced curry packs to the NASA space program? Curry is indeed a national spice.

A Quick Curry Fix in Federal Way

You need a quick lunch or dinner fix of curry? Drop by K-Ton, your Japanese restaurant in Federal Way and enjoy chef-crafted, delicious combinations of katsus and curry. Our katsus are freshly breaded and our curries are home-made. Served with soup and salad, there’s no way to beat that satisfaction.