Savory Octopus on Your Plate in Federal Way

Written by on March 20th, 2017 // Filed under Blog

What Makes the Octopus Nutritious?

The octopus is probably the most intelligent and behaviorally flexible invertebrates we have come to know. Large and small octopi have the striking capability to defend themselves from predators in the water. They can shoot ink at their enemies before a quick getaway, jet through the water with ease and speed, change their camouflage to hide, and squeeze into tight spaces. However, they also make up many cuisines, becoming delicious ingredients in many dishes around the globe. In particular, the Japanese, Polynesians and Mediterraneans make them part of their diet. Do you know that they are also nutritious and healthy?

The octopus is lean and low in calories, as nearly all seafoods are. While it is naturally low-fat, its cholesterol content is high. Hence, low-fat cooking methods must be employed to avoid adding to the fat content. Remember that one 3-ounce serving of octopus provides less than 2 grams of total fat, including less than .5 gram from saturated fat.

There are key nutrients in octopus that makes it a healthy dish – high amounts of iron, selenium and vitamin B12. One 3-ounce portion of octopus offers more than 8 milligrams of iron, which men need as daily dose; women on the other hand need 18 milligrams. Iron as we know delivers vital oxygen to all tissues and cells. Selenium is an antioxidant, neutralizes free radicals and decreases the risk of chronic diseases. A person needs 55 micrograms of it daily; one 3-ounce serving of octopus contains about 75. And then, there is vitamin B12, essential for metabolism, of which 2.4 micrograms are needed daily. The same octopus serving offers 30 with no additive effects.

Your octopus also is a source of essential omega-3 fatty acids. They reduce the risk of heart disease, cancer and depression and beneficial in preventing diseases like chronic bronchitis and Alzheimer’s disease. See that octopi are great additions to diet, but mind the cholesterol.

Enjoying Octopus in Federal Way

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