Udon: A Burst of Energy in Every Bowl

Written by on July 28th, 2016 // Filed under Blog

Udon are thick, hearty wheat noodles, often found swimming in a savory broth or with a dipping sauce at our Federal Way Japanese restaurant. They are a great source of quick energy, as they provide you with a healthy serving of carbohydrates with a moderate glycemic index. In simple terms, this means that they’re able to provide you with long-lasting energy without having a big effect on your blood sugar levels, which is good news for anybody who needs to control their blood sugar.

Udon is also well-known for its easy digestibility. Scientific tests have determined that udon break down much faster than other noodles, and a full three times as fast as beef. This is due to the process that goes into making the udon noodles. The kneading of the wheat flour mixes the proteins with the starch molecules to make them more available to your digestive enzymes. For these reasons, people fighting the flu in Japan are often served this dish. As the noodle digests so easily, blood doesn’t need to rush to the stomach and is therefore able to provide sustained energy and heat where your body needs it.