Yaki Soba: Japan’s Fried Noodle Dish

Written by on April 17th, 2017 // Filed under Blog

Have you ever experienced yakisoba? You can try this popular noodle dish at K-Ton!

It is a dish of stir fry noodles, adapted from the Chinese chow mein to suite Japanese sensibilities. In Japan, the dish is frequently enjoyed during festivals, and is a big hit with foreign visitors as well.

For Meat-lovers or Vegetarians

The dish is usually stir-fried with meats and vegetables (or just vegetables for our vegetarians) and seasoned with a sweet and savory sauce, similar to teriyaki sauce. It’s easy to make at home, but it’s best if you use a wok in an open-fire stove for the smokey taste.

People familiar with the Japanese soba buckwheat noodles can make the mistake of assuming that yaki soba is akin to this dish. However, yaki soba and soba are not terribly similar. Yaki soba is generally served warm, unlike the cold soba noodles. Additionally, though its name contains the word “soba”, it is not generally made from buckwheat. It is, however, a hearty and delicious treat, so come on down and enjoy a plate today at K-Ton!