About K-Ton

Japanese food is a dynamic presence in the culinary community. It is a force that has marched across the world to dazzle countries near and far, enjoyed among mainstream dishes and fine delicacies alike. At the heart of this force, fueling its unstoppable progress into the embrace of diners coast to coast, is the centuries of tradition that makes Japanese food what it is. This is a tradition of pride, discipline, and love for the cooking art, and this is a tradition that K-Ton strives to continue today.

At K-Ton, we’re about more than offering you the glib, greasy selections that haunt most corner Japanese eateries. We’re about giving you a broad cross-section of what makes Japanese food so great, and we’re about offering you the kind of quality that everyone deserves. At our head is the talented Chef Kim Hee-Sung, a passionate and highly-trained chef with many years of experience in the arts of Japanese cooking. Come try our donburi, our noodles dishes, assorted katsu dishes and more! You’ll agree, there’s a taste of tradition and love in every bite.