Oodles of Fun Facts About Japanese Noodles

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Tickle Your Friends and Sound Smart with These

Did you know that some people would eat instant ramen noodles raw? Yes, they wouldn’t wait 5 minutes to cook them. Over the hard and crunchy noodles, just a sprinkling of the seasonings, and that’s it.

A vacuum sealed package version of ramen skyrocketed into space in the Discovery space shuttle when Japanese astronaut Soichi Noguchi brought some along. It’s the very first of its kind.The noodle were smaller and the brought thicker, so it’s easier to eat in zero gravity.

Don’t you just love ramen broth!

It doesn’t take too much to enjoy it. There’s a legendary shop in Karume, Japan, where the ramen broth has been simmering on top of a stove for 60 straight years! Well, a small fraction still remains.

The Japanese dedicated a whole museum to ramen noodles, its history and evolution. They tell the story of Momofuku Ando, the creator of ramen noodles, who also invented the space noodles. There’s a model factory where guests can make unique ramen concoctions using any of the available 5,460 flavor combinations.

Riker’s Island Jail, New York City’s main jail complex housing 10,000 inmates, sells its most popular food item – cup noodles – at .35 cents. The commissary makes sure they always are well stocked with it. It’s common for the prisoners to load the broth into their tasteless cafeteria food.

Ramen is so popular and for one, it’s because it’s so cheap. Just about .14 cents per cup. If you have to eat ramen every day, it would cost you only about $150 a year. That’s something else when Americans spend 7,000 plus US dollars on food yearly.

To think that when chicken ramen first appeared in Japanese supermarkets in 1958, it was six times more expensive than fresh udon noodles. It was a luxurious item, the vast majority of poor Japanese people couldn’t afford it. Some ramen!

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