The Invention of Katsu

Written by on September 24th, 2015 // Filed under Blog

Tonkatsu is a Japanese term describing a pork cutlet that has been breaded and deep fried. The original Japanese tonkatsu was served back in 1899 in Rengatei, a restaurant in Tokyo, where it was known as “katsuretsu”. This term was eventually shortened to “katsu”, which became a general term for deep fried and breaded dishes in Japan. The term “tonkatsu” wouldn’t be coined until the 1930’s.

Though today we recognize katsu as a distinctly Japanese dish, it did not start out as such. Rengatei was known as a restaurant that served yoshoku, or European-style food re-imagined for Japanese diners. This was a time when foreign merchants were visiting Japan for the first time, so the process of deep-frying food was still a new concept for the people of Tokyo. Many diners enjoyed this culinary novelty with a fork. It gradually caught on throughout the country and, over time, katsu turned into a dish that was distinctly Japanese.

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